Construction Management


Construction Management

 We have a team with extensive experience, of more than thirty years, in the construction and rehabilitation of buildings, private and public, in the national and international market.


We have projects developed in rehabilitation, residential, hospitality, offices, health, retail, infrastructure, industrial and military.


Our experience allows us to incorporate in each Project the best practices, respecting all current construction techniques and procedures and always complying with current technical standards.


Our focus is on the following aspects:



  • Monitoring of compliance with the execution of the work by the contract, projects and specifications
  • Analysis of construction methods and processes proposed by the Contractor, in line with Consultants



  • Management of the relationship between Contractors and Consultants, particularly concerning the timely placement of doubts and clarifications regarding the Project
  • Follow-up and analysis of deviations from the general work programme of the Project and control of supplies, requests for approval of materials and equipment and key dates
  • Taking action where there are deviations on the part of the Contractor concerning the terms contracted



  • Control of the overall amount awarded to the Contractor, report of possible deviations and proposals for mitigating measures
  • Analysis and approval of monthly work breakdown and issuance of their certificates for payment of invoices
  • Analysis and justification of proposals for extra works claims and their presentation to the Construction Owner for validation
  • Closing accounts with the Contractor



  • Contractor's compliance with regulatory provisions on quality, safety and environment



  • Commencement date of the Project and preparation of the respective notice form
  • Execution of the Provisional and Definitive Handover of the Project and preparation of the respective form